Saturday, July 18, 2009


Pacing in my crate as Dief has been rushed to the vet, her eye looks strange. It's red and looks like muscle is covering it or eye is turned to the left :(

*Howls for Dief*

future updates will be posted here

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello World!!

Yes, even young pups like me know the old programmer joke. I came from a rescue to a house with some crazy creatures.

Echo seems to be the boss of the canines, I try to give him lots of kisses but he keeps showing me his fangs, which are bigger than my head. Mum says he's just old & cranky, but I don't see a handle to start him up with. (See, I'm the punny one around here).

Sabre is quiet and strange, he lets me fight him and just lays there, I also steal his carrots .. I mean I liberate them from being wasted. Yeah, that's it.

Dief, oh my gosh! that is one strange looking animal, she reminds me of a baby wolf with a mohawk. She sings really funny and loud too! Dief is my best friend so far, we play zoomies as she calls it & bitey face, which I always win hehehe. When she chases me round the big yard I jump into the big water bowl for a break because she wont jump in it.

I have to go now as Mom is saying kennel up.

Paws to all

p.s I'm learning German so I must be smarter than Dief & Sabre =]